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BUILDING OF MINERAL CRYSTAL - HEALING - ENERGY PARADISE in the Manastir Village, based in the Rhodope Mountains, in Bulgaria

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in the Manastir Village, based in the Rhodope Mountains, in Bulgaria


Hello Dear People,

I’m looking for financial support from people, responsive and who understanding the essence and the purpose of the project, which I will present on your attention.

I’m looking for people who are willing to support me in my initiative, for realization of the project BUILDING OF MINERAL CRYSTAL - HEALING - ENERGY PARADISE in the Manastir Village, based in the Rhodope Mountains, in Bulgaria. I'm going to give you some more details about it.

Let me introduce you myself. My name is Galya Yosifova. I’m Psychology Consultant, Personal Mentor, Life Adviser, Energy Hypnotherapy, an Artist in various ways. I’m 57 years old and I have dedicated myself and my work to help and support people, with everything I can, I know, and do, to help them solve life cases in which is difficult for them to cope with.

The needs in now days are growing. More and more people need support – like this, which I can offer with my methodology, which is beneficial for the person himself, beneficial for his life, his health, his sociations with other people, and for everything else. For me and my work with people you can find out more on my website: https://galjajosifova.com/ and on YouTube.

I decided to create an energy – healing place, somewhere between the nature, out of the big city, where more people will have the opportunity to come and make visit – to me as a therapist, and also with option for them to make a combination with tourism in the Rhodope Mountains if they like too. That was the reason me to buy a property in Manastir Village (15 km far from Pamporovo, 15 km far from town Lukky, close to Cross Forest, Haydushki Meadows, Karadjov Stone and other strong energy and healing places). The village is on the highest altitude location on the Balkan Peninsula (at 1550 M). It’s located in a wildlife sanctuary. The air has negative ions. The mountain spring water and the rocks there are with strong energy. There gather in on one place a lot of energies (natural and cosmic) that make this place in Bulgaria a strong energy center with a healing climate. In the village there is a waterfall called "Holy Spirit", peak Svoboda, Peak Prespa, many eco-paths.

I bought the property of 730 sq. m. -An old barn house, located at the top of the village, where the view is more than delightful. My PROJECT is: TO CREATE a HEALING-ENERGY-MINERAL CRYSTAL PARADISE in which I welcome everyone who wish to try and work with the methodology, which I am using in my work to help and support people and their needs. The place is also suitable for visits by groups dealing with yoga, meditations, healing and spiritual-energy practices, for personal development, opportunity for rest and tourism in the village and the surrounding area. In the village there are guest houses where people who are coming to the Crystal Healing Paradise (in Villa “Crystal”) could be accommodated in a comfortable environment for accommodation and stay for as long as they want.

I’m doing my best, the house, the barn, the yard to become an energy-healing place for the people in need to visit it. In there I will set up also my handmade crystal mosaics made by me with love and inspiration, also many crystals and minerals, which with their power of radiating energy, together with the energy of the artists creative works (my and of the other artists), the power of the water ( which passes subsurface in and around the property), and the Rock (the house is built on a granite rock), the natural surroundings and me, with my participation and everything I can, know and do, everything that creates a magnificent environment for the regeneration of the person, everyone according with their needs. If you like, I can provide you more detailed information about the layout of the entire property transformed as a healing Paradise – Villa “Crystal”.

The repair and renovation work that need to be done are very complicated to perform due to the specifics of the place (steep hill). The value (together with the overall layout to the finished form) amounted to about 100 000 Bulgarian Lev (50 000 -55 000 thousand euros), which I am trying and doing my best to provide with my work. The availability of funds depends how long will take the project to become ready and be open. The building of the project and the first steps will start in August 2019.

I will be happy to accept with gratitude and appreciation financial support for willing to support me and help me people, in the realization of this project: To build the mineral-crystal-healing-Energy Paradise Villa “Crystal” (including the house, the old barn, the property), located on The highest settlement on the Balkan peninsula, in Manastir Village ( wildlife sanctuary).

Thank you very much for the responsiveness!

Galya Yosifova (E-E-mail: Този имейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове. Трябва да имате пусната JavaScript поддръжка, за да го видите. )




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